Cut Over

After years of hard work on a jeans project called ‘BIG SHOT’ we here at Frontmann almost forgot the final push into a production environment. For five years we’ve been designing, creating,developing, sewing, measuring, washing and tweaking new material in preparation for the Big Shot Jeans Project.

Besides running Frontmann Competitive Corporation I also run an IT Company in Downtown Los Angeles called CalPOP. CalPOp has been in business for almost 14 years.  In the IT business we have a term called “CUT OVER” It means to move information or users of a computer system to a new place or to new equipment at the same time or in an order that causes as few problems as possible. One is never ready to CUT OVER unless there is a migration plan in place It has to be a conscious decision and then the preparation for the ‘Cut Over ‘ Starts happening. Well today we took the 2008 Cadillac Escalade, we bought two years ago with the intention to wrap it in a full body add.  We detailed it and took some pictures so we could mock up the Big Shot Jeans by FRONTMANN of Los Angeles advertisement we want to wrap the car with. Having a giant add on a car that is driving around Los Angeles will certainly get some attention and traffic to the frontmann website and will get our minds focused on finally going LIVE with the FRONTMANN Jeans Company.