FRONTMANN's Global Resonance is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds to benefit children’s’ charities by committing promising athletes to attach their physical aspirations to benevolent purposes greater than just their own personal glory. Our ideal goal is to enlist the support of athletic “superstars in the making” to use their record-breaking potential to draw attention and donations to help physically challenged children in need,while encouraging healthy kids to become more physically and altruistically active.

By championing athletes with aspirations to break world records, we hope to prove to “ordinary” kids on a global level that they can transcend social, economic, emotional, or physical challenges through extraordinary dedication and commitment to achieving a seemingly impossible goal.
And for those children who suffer challenges mere fortitude cannot overcome, Global Resonance hopes to provide some degree of medical, technical, emotional and/or financial support necessary to ease their suffering and uplift them to a place where they can strive to achieve their own personally attainable goals.