Created as a sponsorship platform for Frontmann elite global running team, Frontmann manufactures clothing in the heart of the garment district in Los Angeles, California. Embracing a true entrepreneurial spirit, Frontmann not only created unprecedented fashion lines and retail avenues, but also built our own exclusive, dedicated manufacturing system.

Frontmann maintains the competitive nature of the athlete both on and off the racetrack—and maintains both a local and global approach as a business. We're a team of competitive athletes, entrepreneurs, technology mavens, artists, photographers, writers and high-end fashion industry aficionados. Taken together as a group of proactive innovators, we built the means to independent global competition in both fashion design and endurance running. Our main goal throughout this process is to chase the eternal race as competitive endurance runners.

We maintain a grassroots and Do-it-Yourself approach. As there was no current sponsorship for competitive running, we created our own means to compete in global marathons. And as there was no streamlined manufacturing process for our products, we devised it. We consider every constituent part of our process and product, from the cotton seed to the final weave of our denim; from everyday running practice to the marathon.

The Frontmann Elite Running Team

All proceeds from the Frontmann clothing line benefit our elite running team that has participated in—and won—marathons, races and endurance runs globally. Founded in 2006, the Frontmann team is a Los Angeles-based group of international and elite endurance runners whose members are from Distrito Federal, Mexico and South Africa. The group, Salvador Bautista, Polo Parra, Gerardo Rabelo, Romualdo Sanchez, Juan Valencia and Evert Van Niekerk, primarily trains in L.A.'s Griffith Park and has competed in international events such as The Great Wall Marathon in China and the Los Angeles Marathon. Frontmann runners won the Long Beach, California Marathon in 2007 as well as both 5K and 10K events at the California Calabasas Classic that same year. The group narrowly missed first place in the Long Beach Marathon in 2006 as well, arriving at a close second. 2008 saw the team enter The Great Wall Marathon in China, where Romualdo Sanchez broke the race record, finishing first at 3:18:48.

The Frontmann Competitive Corporation running team will continue to sprint beyond pacesetters to be frontmen in global competitions.
Join us in the race for excellence.